David Davis MP signs a letter for calling for Big Ben to chime on 31 January 2020


As reported in the Sunday Telegraph:

SIR – Given that Article 50 states very clearly that the United Kingdom will now leave the European Union at a specific time – 11 pm GMT, on Friday January 31 2020 – those wishing to mark the occasion will need to look to a clock for the precise timing. It seems inconceivable to us that this clock would not be the world’s most iconic timepiece. Big Ben, of course, already chimes on Remembrance Sunday and New Year’s Eve.

However, due to the ongoing refurbishment work on Parliament’s Elizabeth Tower, the House of Commons Commission, which is chaired by the Speaker and is responsible for such matters, ruled in 2018 during John Bercow’s tenure that Big Ben would not chime for Brexit. Therefore, unless this decision is overturned, Big Ben will stay silent on this historic night. We believe this would be much to the consternation of many people around the UK who wish to celebrate this momentous event.

Moreover, we believe that, given the number of years that we in Parliament have been arguing over this issue, leaving on January 31 will help to bring a degree of closure, not just in the House but hopefully among the public as a whole. Allowing Big Ben to chime could help to provide some catharsis in this process.

We now understand that the House of Commons Commission is likely to meet early this week to consider this issue, and we call upon the Speaker, the Leader of the House, Jacob Rees-Mogg, and their colleagues on the commission to overturn the previous ruling, so that Big Ben may chime to mark our leaving the EU – a decision that hopefully we will never have to revisit.

Mark Francois MP (Con)

Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP (Con)

Sir Bill Cash MP (Con)

Sir David Amess MP (Con)

Sir John Redwood MP (Con)

David Davis MP (Con)

Bob Blackman MP (Con)

Steve Double MP (Con)

Andrew Rosindell MP (Con)

Henry Smith MP (Con)

Jonathan Gullis MP (Con)

Dr Jamie Wallis MP (Con)

Lucy Allan MP (Con)

Dehenna Davison MP (Con)

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP (Con)

Gareth Johnson MP (Con)

Craig Mackinlay MP (Con)

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