The opposition of David Davis to new snooping laws reminds us he’s a rare beast: a Tory with principles.

On emergency communications data legislation, Kevin Maguire, The Daily Mirror

David Davis, a rightwing Tory who would not exactly have been to my tastes in days of yore, whose crusade against the erosion of liberties should mark him out as one of the political heroes of the age.

Mass surveillance, Mass surveillance, Marina Hyde, The Guardian

MPs and local council representatives from across the region met today to discuss plans to improve flood defences in the Humber Estuary. A presentation on the progress of the Humber Flood Risk Management Strategy was given by the Environment Agency.

The Environment Agency has recently been updating its flood strategy for the Humber.

The meeting gave MPs and councillors an opportunity to ask the Environment Agency’s project leaders questions about the future of the strategy and what was needed to get the strategy implemented. Delays to the update of the strategy were caused by the tidal surge in December, which provided the Environment Agency with key information on the Humber’s defences.

Speaking after the meeting David Davis said:

“This meeting has given everyone a better idea of where we stand with the advancement of the Humber Flood Risk Management Strategy. The tidal surge in December confirmed that many of the Humber’s flood defences aren’t up to scratch which is why it is imperative that we secure the funding for the updated strategy as soon as possible.

We discussed in some detail what we could do to get the best deal in providing flood defences for all our constituents.

The meeting proved to be incredibly beneficial and I am optimistic of getting the strategy implemented.”

David Davis MP comments on meeting regarding plans to improve flood defences in the Humber Estuary,

After the Care Quality Commission’s State of Care Report 2012/2013 highlighted the need for improvement at Castle Hill Hospital and the Goole and District Hospital, the Rt Hon David Davis MP has said:
“This report is deeply troubling. Both hospitals have failed to meet the standards expected by the Care Quality Commission. The fact that both have scored 4/5 overall should not be allowed to mask the shortcomings identified by the regulator.

Castle Hill hospital must address its poor record-keeping practices and medicine storage problems. Likewise Goole and District hospital must eliminate significant gaps in their staff training. These are exactly the type of preventable errors which can lead to accidents and even needless deaths. For the sake of patient safety, standards must improve.

It is vital that the management teams at both hospitals take the CQC criticism in the right spirit. They should see the State of Care report not as an inconvenience, but as a blueprint for future improvements which will benefit patients and staff alike.”

David Davis MP comments on report calling for improvement at Castle Hill, Goole and District hospitals,

Not one Liberal Democrat MP has sought to follow David Davis and become an unimpeachable defender of civil Liberties. If you doubt me, ask who is the Lib Dem Davis? Tim Farron, Julian Huppert, Simon Hughes? No, I can’t remember a word they have said either.

As a defender of civil liberties, Nick Cohen, The Guardian