David Davis MP speaks out against the extradition of Dr Mike Lynch

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As reported in The Financial Times: British software entrepreneur Mike Lynch has submitted himself for arrest as part of his US extradition over allegations of conspiracy and fraud stemming from the $11bn sale of Autonomy to Hewlett-Packard in 2011. Mr Lynch handed himself in to Charing Cross police station in Central London on Wednesday. He […]

David Davis MP writes in the Evening Standard urging the Home Secretary to delay the extradition of Dr Mike Lynch and reform the UK/US Extradition Treaty

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As published in the Evening Standard: Dr Mike Lynch should be a British success story. He co-founded a data-processing company called Autonomy, which by 2010 was Britain’s largest software company. In 2011, it was sold to HP for £7.1 billion. But later HP claimed that Autonomy was overvalued and sued Lynch for fraud in the […]