David Davis stuns Commons with calls for blanket testing to save NHS £3bn a year

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As published in the Express Ministers are being urged to introduce mass medical testing to cut NHS costs by billions and save thousands of lives. Former Brexit Secretary David Davis stunned the Commons chamber with a radical new plan to save thousands of lives and save the NHS billions. Mr Davis called for mass medical […]

David Davis MP writes for the Telegraph on how the Conservatives can win the next election

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As published in the Telegraph By far the most frequent question put to me by the younger generation of Conservative MPs is whether the next election will be like 1997 or 1992. In 1997 we were obliterated after years of in-fighting, so I normally answer with: “That depends on you.”  But the truth is a […]

David Davis MP writes in Reaction on what we need to learn from the countries with low coronavirus death rates.

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As published in Reaction: As I stood for the one minute’s silence this week, honouring our heroic health workers, I wondered whether we were inadvertently giving them an impossible task. The numbers suggest that we might be. One of the more challenging aspects for the government in managing the coronavirus strategy is the sheer unreliability […]