Parliament has now been dissolved ahead of the general election, as such there are no MPs. David Davis is the Conservative Party candidate for Goole and Pocklington. His campaign website is at

My darling granddaughter suffers from a rare genetic disease – and she is being let down by a system that must change

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THE support a society provides for its most vulnerable is a measure of its compassion – indeed, I would say its civilisation. A kind and fair country ensures that everyone can live a fulfilling, productive life, regardless of the challenges they face. Yet today, across the country, thousands of children with special needs are being […]

MP calls for NCA to consider dealings of Tory donor Mohamed Amersi

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As published by the Guardian The former cabinet minister David Davis has asked for the National Crime Agency to consider the past business dealings of the Conservative donor Mohamed Amersi, saying in parliament that the businessman “facilitated corrupt deals”. Davis made a string of serious allegations about Amersi under parliamentary privilege, saying the businessman and […]

Top Tory calls for police investigation into ‘sexual blackmail allegation’ by party donor against female ex-MP

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As published by the Independent Tycoon Mohamed Amersi accused of ‘criminal harassment’ of former Conservative MP Charlotte Leslie A Tory tycoon in a “cash for access” controversy accused a female ex-MP of attempted “sexual blackmail,” according to a former Cabinet minister. Conservative MP Sir David Davis called for a police investigation into businessman and Tory […]

Major Tory donor accused of perjury, criminal harassment and bribery by Conservative MP

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As published by the Mirror Former Cabinet Minister David Davis used the protections of Parliamentary privilege, which protects MPs from being sued for defamation in most cases, to make the allegations against the multi-millionaire Mohamed Amersi in the Commons A major Conservative donor has been accused of perjury, criminal harassment and bribery in an extraordinary […]