David Davis MP writes for the Guardian on the need for competition in the print media industry

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As printed in the Guardian In 1931, the then leader of the Conservative party, Stanley Baldwin, made a speech in which he warned of the danger of letting a few individuals dominate the newspaper industry. What such people were seeking, he said, was “power, and power without responsibility – the prerogative of the harlot throughout […]

David Davis MP writes in the Daily Mail on the coronavirus lockdown.

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As published in the Daily Mail: When challenged on the decisions that they have taken in the past few months, ministers invariably answer: ‘All our decisions are based on the science’. That makes it sound as though the decisions are based on black and white facts, but they are not. For our scientists are working […]

David Davis MP gives an interview with The Daily Mail on his family’s fight with the rare genetic condition SYNGAP1

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As published in The Daily Mail: Men of David Davis’s background and generation have a particular way of crying. In his case, the voice thickens and he pauses, as if suppressing deep sorrow. Then he clears his throat and takes another gulp of coffee. It’s only when he lifts his head towards the window that […]