David Davis MP writes in ConservativeHome on how the Government should not be waiting for coronavirus case numbers to drop to 100,000 before starting the track and trace programme

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As published in ConservativeHome: One of the starkest facts about the about the global coronavirus pandemic is the sharp difference between the infection rates in the Western nations and the Asian countries. Given the proximity of South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore to China, you would expect them to face overwhelming number of cases […]

David Davis MP calls for investment in social housing.

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As reported in The Sun: Tory MPs today demanded Rishi Sunak uses his Budget to kick start a council house building boom to repay voters’ trust. In a stinging letter to the Chancellor, 27 Tory MPs from across the party say the Government is failing to provide enough cheap houses. The record collapse in the […]

A Working Class Tory is Something to Be

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A Working Class Tory is Something to Be

Presented on BBC Radio 4 on 4 October 2010. David Davis MP delves into the BBC sound archive to explore the history of a crucial political group: the working-class Tories. Ever since British mass democracy began, the working-class vote has played a crucial part in returning the Conservative Party to power. And yet, for many […]