David questions Ken Clarke about Nadia Eweida and her case for religious rights at work.


During Justice questions in the House of Commons David asked the following question to Rt. Hon Ken Clarke MP the Secretary of State for Justice regarding the case for religious rights at work:

” On 4th September, the European Court of Human Rights will hear the case of Nadia Eweida v. the United Kingdom Governmnet. I understand that the Government are resisting the case. Miss Eweida is the lady who effectively lost her job with British Airways for wearing a cross, a symbol of her religion, at work. Is it any part of the British Government’s policy to support the denial of people’s religious rights at work? If not, will we reconsider our postition on that case?”

Mr Clarke MP responded that this is a hugely difficult issue and acknoweldged that there are wider issues about the enforcement of religious rights in employment, which he believes will be looked at correctly and in depth.