David Davis welcomes Heat Hero to Parliament


David Davis MP met with Jane Mears at the Heat Heroes award ceremony in the House of Commons.

Jane who is the Senior Environmental Health Officer at East Riding of Yorkshire Council was presented with an award at the NEA Heat Heroes Awards at the Palace of Westminster last week. The awards recognise people who help people living in fuel poverty in their local community.

Jane was recognised for her work in persuading landlords to contribute towards installation of more efficient heating systems in their properties ensuring that their tenants are able to keep warm. Jane was also recognised for her work in replacing 200 outdated heating systems in properties off the gas network with Air Source Pumps. Jane was a popular winner at the event, everyone who has worked with Jane on these projects enthused about her enthusiasm and determination.

On meeting Jane, David Davis MP said: “It was a great pleasure to meet Jane at the Heat Heroes awards. Jane’s scheme is the most successful in the whole country. Since 2003 it has helped over 4000 vulnerable people in the area. Jane is clearly very dedicated to improving people’s lives. It was clear from talking with Jane that she intends to continue to make a great difference to residents in the area and I applaud her commitment to her work, she is a determined and vigorous campaigner, a skill which has clearly paid off due to the large sums of money she has secured from charities and business alike. It was clear that she is well respected and admired by all who work closely with her. Congratulations Jane on being a Heat Hero.”