David Davis welcomes fall in water bills for Yorkshire Water customers


David Davis MP is delighted with the news that families in the region will, over the next five years, see an average reduction of 3 per cent in their water bills. The average household bill for water supplied by Yorkshire Water, for the period 2014-15 was £373, Ofwat’s final determinations indicate that, by 2019-20, this will have dropped to £361.

Mr Davis said:

“The news that household water bills will see a reduction of 3 per cent is extremely positive for the area. This is especially true when many families in the area are still facing significant financial pressures.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that Yorkshire Water also have responsibility for the development and upkeep of drains and watercourses across the region. Reductions in household bills should not have a detrimental impact on the maintenance of this important infrastructure. The devastating effects of floods over the past few years go to show how vital it is that proper care is taken in maintaining these drains in order to reduce the likelihood of flooding.

Yorkshire Water need to ensure that these reductions in bills do not impede on their ability to ensure that drainage systems are in good working condition and that they sufficiently protect our homes.”