David Davis supports calls for a genuine recall bill


As published in the Evening Standard
Top Tories back Zac Goldsmith in call to let voters sack MPs

SENIOR MPs today swung behind rebel Tory Zac Goldsmith’s bid for a proper Recall Bill so local voters can sack MPs guilty of wrongdoing.

Former Tory ministers David Davis and Andrew Mitchell are among those joining a new committee set up by the Richmond Park MP to challenge David Cameron and Nick Clegg, with cross-party backing from Lib-Dem ex-minister Paul Burstow and Labour MP Katy Clark.

Mr Davis said: “Genuine recall is critical to build the reputation and credibility of Parliament. ” The committee and pressure group 38 Degrees aim to “crowdfund” money for a legal challenge to the Government over its own Recall Bill, which critics say falls short of the Coalition’s pledge to let voters sack MPs who do wrong. The Bill says a committee of MPs would rule on whether constituents can raise a petition for a by-election, but Mr Goldsmith says voters should decide and the Government’s proposals “fall scandalously short”.