David Davis says its too late to prevent an influx of migrants from Romania and Bulgaria


As published in the Daily Mail:
Tory MPs call for a Veto on EU law so we control our boarders
Dozens of Conservative MPs are urging David Cameron to give Parliament a veto over all EU laws, in an attempt to take back control of Britain’s borders.

Up to 80 backbenchers are expected to sign a letter to the Prime Minister calling for Parliament to be given the right to throw out existing laws from Brussels and block new ones.

The MPs say the move would allow Britain to recover control over our borders, lift EU burdens on business, (and) regain control over energy policy…in popular and sensible ways.’

The letter will pile pressure on Mr Cameron to go further in addressing public concern about EU immigration and intereference by Brussels.

The intervention comes as Home Secretary Theresa May prepares to release a report floating the idea of capping immigration from the EU at 75,000 a year.

The Home Office document, part of a Government-wide review of EU laws, suggests a cap could cut net migration from EU countries by 30,000 from the current 106,000 a year.

But critics said the move would be illegal, unless Britain quits the European Union – and questioned whether Mrs May was trying to burnish her reputation for taking a tough line on immigration.

Former shadow home secretary David Davis said any action would almost certainly be too late to prevent an influx of migrants from Romania and Bulgaria when transitional controls are lifted next month.

Mr Davis told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: The Government is caught because it doesn’t want to have a fight with the EU courts and the Commission over it, but that’s where it’s going.

Theresa May, the Home Office, are looking at a variety of policies to try to bring it under control. I have to say straight away it’s a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.’

Other plans include giving British citizens a national preference’ by explicitly reserving jobs for them and limiting labour movement from poorer countries.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage accused ministers of desperate spin’ adding that the only way to achieve the measures would be to leave the European Union’.

The European Commission has warned it will take the UK to court if measures breach the EU’s freedom of movement principle.