David Davis MP warns EU will allow Brexit delay as Merkel faces ‘loss of 100,000 German jobs’


As reported in the Express:

David Davis has warned the UK may not leave on October 31 because the bloc is desperate for a Brexit deal otherwise it risks huge implications to their economy if the UK leave with no deal.

The former Brexit Secretary explained there is a chance the UK won’t leave on Halloween despite Conservative MPs saying it will happen. Mr Davis explained the EU might delay because there are huge risks for them with a no deal Brexit. He added the EU will do “everything possible” to make a Brexit deal happen.

Speaking to Sky News’ Sophy Ridge, Mr Davis said: “There’s a chance but I don’t think it’s a probability.

“He’s got this deal and you have to understand that the risk of no deal from the European point of view is if anything, much worse than the risk for us.

“There’s a downside for us, a turbulence will come out if we
have no deal.

“But the risk for the Ireland is terrible.

“The risk for the Netherlands and Belgium with cross-channel traffic is terrible.

“The risk for Germany is a 100,000 jobs.

“They want a deal to happen. They want this deal to get

“I think they will do everything possible to make it

His comments come as Amber Rudd confirmed she will support Mr Johnson’s deal next week.

The former Home Secretary said she has told Boris Johnson she will be backing him next week.

Ms Rudd went on to explain she only supported the delay yesterday to ensure the UK doesn’t leave the EU with a no deal.

She told Sophy Ridge: “I didn’t vote for an extension, what I voted for what was an insurance policy.

“All I did was support Oliver Letwin’s amendment because I want to make sure we leave with a deal, not no deal which was what the original intent of the Benn Act was.

“All this does is try to protect that initiative.

“I support the Prime Minister’s deal, I have told him.

“I have told him I will support it next week. I understand people’s fatigue, I suffer from it myself.

“But we have to make sure that we don’t leave with no deal.