David Davis MP supports East Riding Council’s message to the Government of ‘Enough is enough’ on wind turbines


As reported in the Hull Daily Mail:

The Government is to be told “enough is enough” as wind farms threaten to overwhelm the East Riding, blighting the landscape.

Countryside campaigners and East Riding MPs have joined the outcry over wind turbine developers targeting the rural area.

East Riding Council has rejected nine applications for wind farms, only to be overruled on appeal.
The authority is seeking urgent talks with a Government minister in a bid to have the final say on wind farms.

Now, the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has called on MPs to throw their weight behind calls to prevent the East Riding’s countryside being swamped by turbines.

CPRE regional chairman David Rose said: “CPRE has been increasingly concerned about the targeting of the East Riding of Yorkshire by wind turbine developers.

“This particular form of renewable energy is blighting the landscape, despite the best efforts of East Riding Council.”

Mr Rose blamed “government policy confusion” for encouraging applications from wind farm developers, regardless of impact on the landscape or site suitability.

He said: “The East Riding has been overwhelmed by the number of applications and CPRE Yorkshire and Humber is seeking support from local MPs to lobby the Government to develop a strategic plan-led approach that recognises landscape capacity, including the cumulative impact of onshore wind turbines.
“We also want to see more power given to local authorities seeking to protect the landscape character through their local plans and in planning decisions.

“We will fully support East Riding Council in any efforts it makes to wrest back some control over local planning decisions on wind turbines.”

Mr Rose said the Localism Act has failed to give communities more say over local planning decisions.
He said: “The proliferation of wind turbines across the area has increased calls by CPRE members for a major rethink by the Government on this particular form of renewable energy, which we all pay for in inflated energy bills, and has such a huge impact on the visual landscape.”

East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight shares the concerns of CPRE and the council.

The Tory MP said: “I support the overall thrust of the argument that enough is enough and developers should look elsewhere.”This area is having more than its fair share to contribute to renewable energy.
“We are now becoming dangerously close to a situation where our countryside is being blighted by the sheer number of wind farms.”We are not designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty officially but, in my view, we should be. This is one of the most beautiful parts of Britain.”

Brigg and Goole MP Andrew Percy said: “It’s an ongoing concern.
“All too often, elected councillors quite properly throw out applications only for them to be approved by an independent inspector on appeal.
“We would argue we have taken our fair share already.

Haltemprice and Howden MP David Davis said: “I agree there’s a fundamental problem. We are getting very large numbers of wind farms that will blight the area.

“People choose to live in the countryside because they want the scenery and quiet. “Wind farms assault all of those things.”

The MPs vowed to raise concerns with the Government.Tory MP Mr Davis said: “We have given ministers serial earache on this in the past and we are happy to do so again.”