David Davis MP comments on meeting regarding plans to improve flood defences in the Humber Estuary


MPs and local council representatives from across the region met today to discuss plans to improve flood defences in the Humber Estuary. A presentation on the progress of the Humber Flood Risk Management Strategy was given by the Environment Agency.

The Environment Agency has recently been updating its flood strategy for the Humber.

The meeting gave MPs and councillors an opportunity to ask the Environment Agency’s project leaders questions about the future of the strategy and what was needed to get the strategy implemented. Delays to the update of the strategy were caused by the tidal surge in December, which provided the Environment Agency with key information on the Humber’s defences.

Speaking after the meeting David Davis said:

“This meeting has given everyone a better idea of where we stand with the advancement of the Humber Flood Risk Management Strategy. The tidal surge in December confirmed that many of the Humber’s flood defences aren’t up to scratch which is why it is imperative that we secure the funding for the updated strategy as soon as possible.

We discussed in some detail what we could do to get the best deal in providing flood defences for all our constituents.

The meeting proved to be incredibly beneficial and I am optimistic of getting the strategy implemented.”