Parliament has now been dissolved ahead of the general election, as such there are no MPs. David Davis is the Conservative Party candidate for Goole and Pocklington. His campaign website is at

David Davis MP comments on renewing Conservative Party values


As published by The Daily Express:

TORY MP David Davis expressed his views on how the Conservative Party can be renewed and rebooted with clarity of vision over “the big issues that people worry about”.

Speaking to Dan Wootton on GB News, Mr Davis highlighted four key issues that the Tories need to address and gave his own solutions to tackling them. The pressing topics illuminated by the MP are the cost of living crisis, housing, education, and the health service.

Mr Davis stated that addressing the cost of living crisis would begin with reversing tax decisions after the Conservatives promised in the election to have low taxes but then got “driven off course by Covid and a variety of things”.

He said: “It starts with that most Conservative thing of having low taxes. It is after all what we promised in the election.

“What’s happened is we’ve been driven off course by Covid and a variety of things but principally Covid and all the economic impacts and trade impacts and so on.

“First thing therefore is to reverse tax increases we put through, we shouldn’t have put the increase in national insurance through, we shouldn’t be putting through an increase in corporation tax – why not?

“Because we’re actually collecting more taxes than we ever have before because we’re growing faster than anybody forecasted, or we were until last month.”

He added: “We’ve got vast amounts of money, we’ve got about £90billion more. Remember all this was about raising £12billion, we’ve got £90billion more than we expected so, put that right first.”

The second reason given for reversing the tax decisions was that according to Mr Davis, “if we carry on as we are we’re going to stop our growth rate…last month the figures proved it”.

Though the MP said this would not fix the cost of living crisis he noted it would “do a great deal to solve it”.

Dan Wootton and Mr Davis both enthusiastically said: “Stop pretending to be a low tax party, actually be a low tax party!”

To address the housing issues in the UK, Mr Davis suggested building garden towns and garden villages which would make money on the increase in value that can be spent on community services.

He said: “You could have bigger, cheaper, better houses with good services. What’s not to like about that?”

For education Mr Davis stated that around half of children “are failed by the time they are 11” and stated that “we need to completely re-engineer the classrooms”.

He added: “They haven’t got good enough English or good enough maths to do all of the other subjects. We can’t let that go on.”

To conclude his manifesto Mr Davis tentatively brought up the health service saying that “we should be addressing [its] complete reform”.

The Tory MP admitted that his own party is scared to mention such an idea that would be met with criticism of attempts to privatise it, but said that other countries like Germany and Austria have better care results, fewer queues and this should be the aim for British people.

He added that Brits are “getting worse results for more money” as the health service currently runs.

According to Mr Davis “there is not a sort of gap in the political market” to consider such reform after people are struggling to meet their GP’s and receive life-saving test results and treatment.

He concluded: “There is an appetite to think about this again.”