Parliament has now been dissolved ahead of the general election, as such there are no MPs. David Davis is the Conservative Party candidate for Goole and Pocklington. His campaign website is at

David Davis comments on the suggestion that the Investigatory Powers Bill could be fast tracked


The Prime Minister suggested during an interview on the Today Programme this morning that the Government would look at accelerating the passage of the Investigatory Powers Bill.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May, did not confirm this position in the Commons during Home Office Questions, stating that, “it is right that [the Bill] gets proper scrutiny.”

The Prime Minister’s comment followed the terrorist attacks in Paris on the evening of 13th November, where gunmen killed 129 people and injured over 350.

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s interview, David Davis MP said:

“It would be the most unwise response possible to attempt to rush the Investigatory Powers Bill through Parliament.

For a start, virtually all of the powers that are contained within the Bill are already available to, and being used by, our security agencies. The primary aim of the Bill is to consolidate the legislative framework on a more transparent and unified basis, and put in place updated authorisation and oversight procedures.

The Investigatory Powers Bill is extremely complex, and will require careful scrutiny, first by a Parliamentary committee and then by both Houses of Parliament. Rushing this legislation through Parliament will not make our intelligence services more effective, but could undermine the legitimacy, transparency and effectiveness of the agencies’ surveillance powers.”