David Davis comments on the Prime Minister’s European negotiations


As published in the Daily Telegraph:
David Cameron’s EU efforts show we mean business, says David Davis;

Former Europe minister David Davis says despite the Prime Minister failing in his bid to block Jean-Claude Juncker’s nomination for the European Commission President job, it has sent a clear message to the European Union

Senior Conservative MP David Davis insisted it was right of David Cameron use the threat of British exit as a “lever”.
He played down the direct impact of the lost vote but said it remained a “very, very difficult” task to secure sufficient reforms to persuade voters to back continued British membership.
Mr Davis said the good thing to come out of the situation was that it was the “demonstration that we mean it”. He explained that for a long time other European countries had not taken Britain’s threats of leaving seriously, but added that to achieve real reform, it would require 100 percent agreement to cut regulation down.