David Davis attends event in Parliament to discuss the response by insurers to flooding


As published in the Goole Times:
Flood insurance fight goes to HoC

MP for Haltemprice and Howden David Davis attended an event in Parliament last week to discuss the response by insurers to flooding.

As Mr Davis’s constituency is among the top 100 at risk of flooding in the UK, leading insurance company RSA Insurance prepared information on the resilience measures supported by the government’s Repair and Renew grant.

The scheme encouraged flood defence options such as a new driveway barrier, replacing doors and windows with water resistant alternatives, or moving electricity sockets to a safer height.

RSA outlined the steps involved in processing an insurance claim for flooding and what action insurers take to help people when their homes are flooded. They stressed to Mr Davis the importance of helping people get back into their homes as quickly as possible after floodwaters subside.

Mr Davis said: “The flooding we have seen in the constituency over the past eight months has been devastating. The RSA informed me that the government’s Repair and Renew scheme offers grants up to £5000 help people in at-risk areas protect their homes from future flooding. Some of the options for recovering from flood damage highlighted by RSA were very impressive, particularly a new and faster drying process that heats up homes to 55, allowing flood water to be pumped out of the house as water vapour.

These innovative techniques combined with more resilient homes and early warning from the authorities will help reduce the amount of time people are in temporary accommodation and the damage caused by flood.

I would encourage anyone concerned about flooding in their home to contact the RSA for more information.”

More information on the government’s Repair and Renew grant can be found at www2.eastriding.gov.uk/living/emergencies/preparing-for-emergencies/flooding-support-scheme.