David condemns US-UK extradition arrangements


Following the revelation, via a Freedom of Information request, that no US citizen has been extradited to the UK for crimes allegedly committed in the US, David was one of a number of MPs who condemned US-UK extradition arrangements.

British citizens Gary McKinnon, Richard O’Dwyer and Christopher Tappin (who all allegedly committed crimes in the UK) have been sought by the American justice system in recent years, and MPs and civil liberties groups alike are now calling for a ‘forum bar’. This would prevent those who have allegedly committed crimes in the UK from being tried elsewhere.

David said: “This clear disparity destroys all the pretences that the Extradition Treaty is in any sense even-handed. Claims by both British and American authorities that the same standards apply on both sides of the Atlantic are plainly just wrong.This disparity is worsened by the bullying approach of US authorities, using plea-bargaining to intimidate their targets into pleading guilty, irrespective of their true guilt or innocence.”

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