David Davis MP writes for ConservativeHome about how to solve the housing crisis

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As published on ConHome Rishi Sunak has inherited a number of difficult issues from his predecessors, but one of them, housing, is a gordian knot he needs to slice through in the interests of the whole younger generation. For decades, housebuilding has lagged behind the demands of a growing population. The UK population has grown […]

David Davis MP writes for the Times on the threat posed to freedom of expression by the Public Order Bill

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As published in the Times Red Box Following the shocking arrest and beating of the BBC cameraman Edward Lawrence we are quite rightly worried about the treatment of journalists in China. However, we should be wary about undermining our own ability to take the moral high ground — something we are at risk of doing […]

David Davis MP writes for the Telegraph on how to tackle the Channel migrant crisis

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As published in The Telegraph. With every passing week, the Channel migrant crisis spirals further out of control. The Government insists it is committed to taking tough action to solve the problem. Only a couple of days ago, Suella Braverman, the Home Secretary, wrote a foreword to a report by the Centre for Policy Studies […]

David Davis MP writes for ConHome on the importance of end to end encryption

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As published on Conservative Home Encryption is the most powerful tool we have to protect everyone’s personal data from criminals and hackers. This is why encryption is the industry standard used when we carry out activities such as online banking or online shopping; it’s the layer of security used by many private messaging services to […]

David Davis MP writes for the Guardian on the use of lawsuits to silence critics

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As published in the Guardian The super-rich are menacing those who seek to scrutinise with SLAPPs: expensive, lengthy and often bogus lawsuits. Free speech is the fundamental basis upon which democratic life is built. Many of our other precious freedoms stem from it. In the UK, we naturally take it very seriously. But it is […]