Covid inquiry must not shut down idea of China lab leak

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As published in the Sun The UK’s Covid Inquiry is rapidly turning into the most expensive reality TV show in history. £100 million just to see ministers, civil servants and so-called experts squabbling over who’s to blame? I’d rather watch ‘I’m a Celeb’. I said way back in early 2021 that we would be better […]

David Davis MP writes for ConservativeHome about the Prime Minister’s speech at Conservative Party Conference 2023

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As published on ConservativeHome The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees possibility in every difficulty. The announcements set out by the Prime Minister in Manchester have confirmed that he is an optimist, unafraid to take difficult decisions that will ultimately drive our country forward towards a brighter future. The decision that the […]

David Davis MP writes for the Guardian on the need for competition in the print media industry

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As printed in the Guardian In 1931, the then leader of the Conservative party, Stanley Baldwin, made a speech in which he warned of the danger of letting a few individuals dominate the newspaper industry. What such people were seeking, he said, was “power, and power without responsibility – the prerogative of the harlot throughout […]

David Davis MP writes for the Jewish Chronicle on British universities doing research for Iran

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As published in the Jewish Chronicle This week and last, the Jewish Chronicle has published details of research into military and “dual use” technology carried out jointly by members of British universities and their colleagues in Iran. This is a matter of deep concern, not least because much of this work has concerned Unmanned Aerial […]