David Davis MP calls for a suitable rescue package for the live entertainment and sports industry.

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As published in ConservativeHome: Many industries face challenges from the Coronavirus, but few suffer the absolute shut down imposed on live entertainment and sport. Even the hospitality industry can see (some) light at the end of the tunnel. From live music, worth £1.1 billion to the economy, through theatreland and concert halls to the giant […]

David Davis MP and Labour’s Dan Jarvis MP want to overturn a decision by Theresa May to ditch a promise to hold a judge-led inquiry into the involvement of British intelligence in torture and rendition following 9/11.

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As reported in the Guardian: Court proceedings reveal files involving British intelligence during ‘war on terror’ Fifteen potential cases of torture or rendition involving British intelligence at the height of the “war on terror” were examined last year in a secret Whitehall review, whose existence was revealed in court proceedings on Tuesday. None were deemed […]

David Davis MP & David Blunkett write about the Government’s quarantine plans in the Mail On Sunday

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As published in the Mail On Sunday: When two politicians who, for years, have clashed over policies now find themselves on the same side of the argument about a mandatory 14-day quarantine period, it must be time to reflect whether the Government has got it wrong. The Home Secretary’s policy is a devastating blow for […]

David Davis MP writes in the Daily Mail on the economy after the coronavirus crisis.

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As published in the Daily Mail: Last night in his sombre address to the nation, the Prime Minister told us that he was putting the safety of the country before the economy, and was only going to marginally relax the lockdown. His judgement on that may be right, and it accords with the public mood. […]

David Davis MP and Matt Ridley write in The Sunday Telegraph on the modelling which led to the lockdown.

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As published in The Sunday Telegraph: Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College “stepped back” from the Sage group advising ministers when his lockdown-busting romantic trysts were exposed. Perhaps he should have been dropped for a more consequential misstep. Details of the model his team built to predict the epidemic are emerging and they are not pretty. […]

David Davis MP writes in ConservativeHome on how the Government should not be waiting for coronavirus case numbers to drop to 100,000 before starting the track and trace programme

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As published in ConservativeHome: One of the starkest facts about the about the global coronavirus pandemic is the sharp difference between the infection rates in the Western nations and the Asian countries. Given the proximity of South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore to China, you would expect them to face overwhelming number of cases […]