David Davis MP discusses tendering his resignation over May’s Chequers Deal

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As published by the Daily Mail: David Davis has revealed how his decision to quit was a ‘cold blooded’ bid to get the UK a clean split from the European Union – by ousting Theresa May as Prime Minister The former Brexit Secretary, 72, said that his resignation in July 2018 was a ‘strategic’ move […]

David Davis MP writes on establishing a two-stage COVID-19 Public Inquiry

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As published by Conservative Home: While the dedicated staff of our NHS and public services have managed superbly under extreme pressure, it is clear that mistakes have been made during the Coronavirus crisis. No, let me rephrase that piece of Blairite prose. We have made mistakes. The whole British ruling class. Government, advisers (scientific and […]

David Davis MP writes on invoking parliamentary privilege to uncover evidence pertinent to the Holyrood Harassment Inquiry

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As published in the Mail on Sunday: In Scotland this week, we should see the climax of an extraordinary political storm with serious implications for transparency and democracy in these islands. We cannot predict how events will unfold. But we know how they should. To put an end to her long and destructive row with […]

David Davis MP discusses invoking parliamentary privilege to share leaked communications regarding Salmond inquiry

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As published by the Daily Record: David Davis MP insists he was ‘very careful’ with claims Nicola Sturgeon knew of Alex Salmond complaints earlier. The veteran Tory MP said he had been initially sceptical about Salmond conspiracy claims but spent six weeks preparing a speech that protected complainers and, he claimed, uncovered an injustice. The […]

David Davis MP invokes parliamentary privilege to read out messages which point to a conspiracy against Alex Salmond

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As published by the Daily Telegraph: Nicola Sturgeon’s chief of staff meddled in a sexual harassment probe into Alex Salmond almost two months before the First Minister claims she first became aware he was being investigated, it has been claimed. David Davis, the Tory MP, invoked parliamentary privilege in the Commons on Tuesday night to […]

David Davis MP welcomes £188 million investment to slash carbon emissions in Yorkshire and the Humber

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David Davis MP welcomes the news that Yorkshire and the Humber is to benefit from a £188 million investment as part of an ambitious blueprint to deliver the world’s first low-carbon industrial sector and to cut emissions from public buildings like schools and hospitals. Of the £188 million, £154.3 million will go towards 42 projects […]