David Davis MP comments on rolling back The Coronavirus Act

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As published by the Daily Express: The Prime Minister will face off against staunch anti-lockdown MPs who will vote next week on whether to renew the Coronavirus Act. The Act, introduced 18 months ago, gives the Government emergency powers to handle the Covid pandemic, including the ability to temporarily close down schools and businesses, suspend […]

David Davis MP tables an amendment to the Afghanistan Debate

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As published by The Spectator: Today’s Commons debate on Afghanistan was unusually and surprisingly good. It had the benefit of speeches from many MPs who had themselves served tours of duty in the country, or were veterans of military action elsewhere. It had the advantage of a former Prime Minister speaking with all the authority […]

David Davis MP comments on the Afghan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme

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As published by i News: Thousands of Afghan refugees will be granted permission to resettle in the UK in the next few years following the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul, the Government has said. The scheme, which was signed off on Tuesday, will see up to 20,000 people eligible to set up a new home in […]

David Davis MP writes on withdrawal of US and UK troops from Afghanistan

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As published by Conservative Home: The harsh truth is that we had no strategy – and fell back on supporting a corrupt state. Like many others, I have watched with horror and shame as Taliban forces have seized Afghan regional capital after capital. Horror, because although I have spent the last few months pressing the […]

David Davis MP comments on capping the cost of PCR tests

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As published in The Daily Mail: Rip-off Covid PCR tests for travel that can cost up to £400 each should be capped at £40, MPs have urged the Government. Senior Conservative politicians called on Health Secretary Sajid Javid to crack down on the ‘Wild West’ testing market. Henry Smith, chairman of the all-party Future of […]

David Davis MP joins Nigel Farage on GB News

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As published in The Daily Express: David Davis has warned Nigel Farage that Britain faces three more years of negotiations with the EU over Brexit. Former Brexit Secretary David Davis has told Nigel Farage on GB News that talks with Brussels to iron out issues with fisheries and the Northern Ireland protocol will take years […]