The Patrick Wild Centre for research into Autism, Fragile X Syndrome and Intellectual Disabilities has recently launched a new fund investigating the impact of the SYNGAP1 gene on brain development.  You can support this research by .

David Davis comments on the Government’s decision to reveal the true number of immigrants to the UK

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As reported in the Daily Mail: We Will be Told the Real Number of EU Migrants The EU referendum battle took an astonishing new twist last night after officials caved in to demands to come clean about the true scale of mass immigration. The U-turn – a major victory for the Daily Mail – sets […]

David Davis comments on the Chancellor’s 2016 Budget

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Today the Chancellor, George Osborne, made his annual budget statement, delivering a budget that will “put the next generation first”. The Chancellor announced a package of measures that will continue to reduce the budget deficit, leaving the country in surplus by 2020, while delivering tax cuts alongside the vital funding to the country’s infrastructure. In […]