The opposition of David Davis to new snooping laws reminds us he’s a rare beast: a Tory with principles.

, On emergency communications data legislation, Kevin Maguire, The Daily Mirror

David Davis, a rightwing Tory who would not exactly have been to my tastes in days of yore, whose crusade against the erosion of liberties should mark him out as one of the political heroes of the age.

Mass surveillance, Mass surveillance, Marina Hyde, The Guardian

Not one Liberal Democrat MP has sought to follow David Davis and become an unimpeachable defender of civil Liberties. If you doubt me, ask who is the Lib Dem Davis? Tim Farron, Julian Huppert, Simon Hughes? No, I can’t remember a word they have said either.

As a defender of civil liberties, Nick Cohen, The Guardian

When you’ve managed to cheese off both the Lib Dems and David Davis, you know you’ve got quite a legislative fight on your hands.

Draft Communications Bill, Isabel Hardman, The Spectator

The MPs, led by the former shadow home secretary David Davis and the Tory GP Sarah Wollaston, have asked the chair of the powerful commons public accounts committee, Margaret Hodge, to establish whether evidence about the drug was concealed. The letter to Hodge adds: ‘In the event that your committee finds Roche has deliberately concealed evidence which shows Tamiflu to be simply a placebo with side effects, you might wish to consider a recommendation that the government seeks repayment of the £500m cost.’

PAC Letter in The Guardian, Nicholas Watt, The Guardian

Tory rebel David Davis is a principled politician who believes in open justice, the right of the British public to see and know what is done in our name.

Kevin Maguire on Secret Courts, Kevin Maguire, The Mirror

I am cross enough with my own party for swallowing such an illiberal proposal. But if the ‘Liberal Democrats’ are not prepared to oppose a measure that undermines the fundamentals of both liberty and democracy, then what exactly is the point of them?

Liberal Democrats and Secret Courts, David Davis, Daily Mail

Quentin Letts: ‘How much bloodier Prime Minister’s Questions would be if hopeless Ed Miliband’s role could be played instead by a Tory MP such as David Davis (Haltemprice & Howden) or Andrew Tyrie (Chichester) or Zac Goldsmith (Richmond Park).’

Quentin Letts on Secret Courts, Quentin Letts, Daily Mail

Former Tory leadership contender David Davis said: ‘Gladstone must be spinning in his grave. Let’s be clear – given the majority for secret courts in the House of Commons, it is the Liberal Democrats who have delivered them.’

Secret Courts in the Daily Mail, David Davis, Daily Mail

Davis, who represents a significant minority of Tory backbenchers prepared to vote against the proposed legislation, said the fundamental flaw in the home secretary’s current plan to track all email and internet use was the belief that harvesting the whole population’s data would improve the security of the state.

Alan Travis in the Guardian, Alan Travis, The Guardian

As David Davis so rightly said, it’d be like putting the foxes in charge of the hen house.

About The Leveson Enquiry, Fraser Nelson, The Spectator

But senior Tory backbencher David Davis insisted Mr Cameron must go further and promise two referendums on Britain’s relationship with Europe, warning the public feel they have been ‘lied to’ by politicians.

Britain’s Relationship with Europe, Tim Shipman, Daily Mail