David Davis MP urges Cabinet to think carefully before deciding whether to support the proposed Brexit deal

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As published on The Spectator: Let’s be clear. If the Cabinet supports the Prime Minister’s proposed deal today, and they somehow manage to whip Parliament into allowing it to proceed, then a whole raft of irreversible consequences will flow from it. This will begin the breakup of the United Kingdom, not just isolating Northern Ireland, […]

David Davis MP interviewed by The Telegraph on Brexit and his time in Government

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As published in The Telegraph: When David Davis resigned from the Government in July, he was careful not to attack Theresa May personally over her handling of the EU negotiations. While furious with the way her Chequers plan was foisted on him as Brexit secretary, his quarrel, he has repeatedly said, is with the policy […]

David Davis MP interviewed by The Evening Standard

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As published in The Evening Standard: David Davis has a resting heart rate of 42. He has a large James Bond watch on his wrist monitoring it on a graph. An SAS chum told him, “I knew you were calm, David, but that’s bloody lateral.” Athletes have lower, he explains. Then, aghast: “It went up […]

David Davis MP writes for The House magazine on the problem with the Chequers proposals

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As published in House Magazine: The Prime Minister claims we face a choice between her Chequers proposals or leaving the EU on WTO terms. But there is another option, writes former Brexit Secretary David Davis According to YouGov, 45% of leave voters said that regaining independence was the most important issue in the referendum. To […]

David Davis MP writes in The Express on why the Conservatives must unite on Brexit to oppose the threat from Labour

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As published on Express.co.uk: LABOUR’S conference this week has brought home the stark reality. Under Jeremy Corbyn, we see the advent of the most extreme Labour policy platform and leader in history and the real threat of a Marxist government which would wreck our country – nationalising water, energy and the railways, raising taxes, undermining […]