David Davis MP writes for The House magazine on the problem with the Chequers proposals

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As published in House Magazine: The Prime Minister claims we face a choice between her Chequers proposals or leaving the EU on WTO terms. But there is another option, writes former Brexit Secretary David Davis According to YouGov, 45% of leave voters said that regaining independence was the most important issue in the referendum. To […]

David Davis MP writes in The Express on why the Conservatives must unite on Brexit to oppose the threat from Labour

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As published on Express.co.uk: LABOUR’S conference this week has brought home the stark reality. Under Jeremy Corbyn, we see the advent of the most extreme Labour policy platform and leader in history and the real threat of a Marxist government which would wreck our country – nationalising water, energy and the railways, raising taxes, undermining […]

David Davis MP writes to The Times on the alternatives to Chequers

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As published in The Times: Sir, There has been a constant drum beat from this government that there is no alternative to Chequers. This is flatly untrue. You rightly publicised the Institute for Economic Affair’s excellent proposals earlier this week. In addition, my erstwhile department had been working on a 180-page white paper based on […]

David Davis MP gives speech on Brexit to the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Munich

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Text of a speech David Davis MP gave to the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Munich: Today, I want to speak about relationships. I want to consider the future of the United Kingdom and the European Union, of Britain and Germany, and of Britain and Bavaria. Before I do so, however, I believe it important to provide […]

David Davis MP interviewed by The Huffington Post

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For David Davis, life is no longer as sweet as it once was. The former Brexit Secretary, an erstwhile Tate & Lyle executive who famously took four sugars in his tea, now taps artificial sweetener into his daily mug of ‘builders’. But while Davis may have cut back on sugar and alcohol (“I haven’t had […]