David expresses delight that Olympic torch will pass through Brough

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David said that it was a “great honour” that the Olympic torch was to pass through the local village of Brough, as part of its 70-day tour round the nation. The torch will pass through on June 19, and will be taken by 15-year-old Brough resident Jack Franklin on part of the route to Hull. […]

David writes in the The Guardian about what Britain can do to help the new Libya

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David, together with Ibrahim El Mayet- founder of the Libyan Progress Initiative- penned an article for The Guardian, setting out how Britain can continue to help the new Libya following the country’s liberation. They described how Britain’s long history of scrutiny of public expenditure- seen in the National Audit Office and Public Accounts Committee- could […]

David speaks out against the Justice and Security Green Paper as opposition grows

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David claimed that the government’s Justice and Security Green Paper was fundamentally flawed and that “none of it is acceptable”, as opposition to “closed material” procedures continued to grow. It has emerged that fully 57 of the 69 special advocates (government-vetted defence lawyers) working in the existing system of closed (terrorist) trials are opposed to […]

David appears on Sunday Politics following Pinto-Duchinsky resignation from Human Rights Commission

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David appeared on BBC’s Sunday Politics, voicing his doubts that the Human Rights Commission will increase parliament’s democratic influence over our human rights. His statement comes following the resignation of Michael Pinto-Duchinsky amidst claims that the views of parliamentarians that human rights should be ‘brought home’, have been thwarted by the Ministry of Justice. The […]

David criticises changes to Google privacy policy

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David claimed that “if the state collected the amount of information on individuals as Google does there would be uproar”, in response to Google’s change in privacy policy on Thursday. The change means that private data collected by one Google service can be shared with its other platforms, including Youtube and Gmail. He further commented […]