David writes in The Times about the need for reform of the ECHR

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In an article for The Times, David criticised the European Court of Human Rights, which has repeatedly reached judgements that would have shocked the original signatories of the convention which established it. He called for the creation of a rule whereby Strasbourg would be stopped from hearing cases which are properly considered the business of […]

David on the personal tax transparency of politicians

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From The Daily Telegraph Read Daily Telegraph Article Last night, David Davis, the former shadow home secretary, said that while he opposed the publication of personal tax records, any proposal should also cover the disclosure of other wealth. He said: “This will induce the politics of envy – but if you are going to do […]

David writes in the The Guardian about what Britain can do to help the new Libya

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David, together with Ibrahim El Mayet- founder of the Libyan Progress Initiative- penned an article for The Guardian, setting out how Britain can continue to help the new Libya following the country’s liberation. They described how Britain’s long history of scrutiny of public expenditure- seen in the National Audit Office and Public Accounts Committee- could […]

David writes in FT about the need for tax cuts and deregulation in the upcoming budget

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David wrote in the Financial Times about the need to cut taxes and deregulate the economy in the upcoming budget. The economy is at present, he argues, hobbled by excessive ‘green’ subsidies and taxes and populist tax gimmicks- such as the 50p income tax rate. FT.com The full article can be found below: In 11 […]

David writes in the Daily Mail to condemn planned extension of secret trials

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David wrote in the Daily Mail, condemning the government’s proposals to hugely extend the scope of ‘secret justice’ far beyond terrorist cases to civil trials. The full article can be found below: A regime of secret courts and hidden judgments. Lawyers forbidden from seeing their clients. Defendants not even told the evidence against them, let […]