David Davis writes for Conservative Home about the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith

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As published on Conservative Home: Nobody should underestimate how hard it is to resign from a senior post in politics. The decision is incredibly painful. You know that you are going to trade away your career, your reputation and your future, all in pursuit of a principle. You will be vilified by your opponents, by […]

David Davis on why the Government must give us reliable immigration figures

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As published on Conservative Home: It is an old cliché that there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. But this week the Government has breathed new life into this rule, as they showed that they are willing to bury the true scale of immigration into the UK with the help of […]

David Davis writes a letter to the Times regarding FTSE 100 companies and the EU

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As published on the Times letters page: Sir, Thirty-six FTSE 100 companies have declared in a letter to The Times, organised by 10 Downing Street, that leaving the EU will “threaten jobs” (Feb 23). As it happens, those FTSE 100 signatory companies employ barely any more people in this country than they did a decade […]

David Davis MP comments on the public inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko

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As Published in the Mail on Sunday: “Vladimir Putin has made a killing. I am not referring to the vicious and sadistic destruction of Alexander Litvinenko’s life by intelligence agents under Putin’s command. I am speaking of the incredible wealth – probably in excess of $40billion – that Putin and his cronies have stolen from […]

David Davis writes about his decision to back leaving the EU for the Mail on Sunday

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As published in The Mail on Sunday: ‘Don’t insult us, Prime Minister. I’m voting “out”… and I refuse to toe the line:’ Former Europe Minister David Davis on the EU referendum  ‘This Prime Minister is better at getting out of scrapes than any I’ve ever known,’ boomed Tory grandee Sir Peter Tapsell at PMQs a […]