David Davis MP comments on the public inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko

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As Published in the Mail on Sunday: “Vladimir Putin has made a killing. I am not referring to the vicious and sadistic destruction of Alexander Litvinenko’s life by intelligence agents under Putin’s command. I am speaking of the incredible wealth – probably in excess of $40billion – that Putin and his cronies have stolen from […]

David Davis writes about his decision to back leaving the EU for the Mail on Sunday

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As published in The Mail on Sunday: ‘Don’t insult us, Prime Minister. I’m voting “out”… and I refuse to toe the line:’ Former Europe Minister David Davis on the EU referendum  ‘This Prime Minister is better at getting out of scrapes than any I’ve ever known,’ boomed Tory grandee Sir Peter Tapsell at PMQs a […]

David Davis writes for the Sunday Times about the need to cut off Islamic State’s funding

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As published in the Sunday Times Stem clandestine oil sales and hit Isis where it hurts: in its wallet In the 1990s the government acted to crush the IRA’s many illegal funding sources, and this played a large part in forcing it to the negotiating table. As the IRA discovered: “To wage war, you need […]

David Davis writes for Politics.co.uk about the legality of drone strikes ahead of his Westminster Hall Debate

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As published on Politics.co.uk: David Davis MP: The impact of drones on modern warfare Drone strikes are becoming an increasingly important aspect of Britain’s military capabilities. But if we are to make the most of this technology’s potential benefits, then we need to face some difficult truths. The starting point is that the growing importance […]

David Davis writes about British involvement in airstrikes against ISIS for the Observer

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As published in the Observer: Should parliament endorse UK air strikes in Syria? David Cameron made a characteristically fluent case on Thursday. But he did not actually answer the two critical questions that must precede any decision by Britain to initiate hostilities within Syria: namely, what is the political end game and what is the […]