David Davis MP on ‘Why I Voted Against Syria Intervention’

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As reported in the Wall Street Journal: “Two and a half years ago, Britain sent troops to Libya to stop a massacre. Parliament emphatically endorsed the United Nations-backed military intervention and its aim of protecting Libyan citizens from Moammar Gadhafi’s troops. Perhaps that is why some were shocked when, last Thursday, Parliament ruled out any […]

David Davis MP states that ‘We were right not to repeat the mistake we made in Iraq’

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As reported in the Yorkshire Post: “An Arabic country gripped by civil war. A totalitarian ruler who would stop at nothing – even the massacre of his own people – to hold onto power. Parliament summoned to vote on whether or not Britain should send troops to help the rebels’ cause. That was almost two-and-a-half […]

David Davis writes about diversifying the sources of lending for the UK’s small businesses

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As reported in the Financial Times: “Financing smaller enterprises is not just for venture capitalists, say David Davis and John McFall I would rather see finance less proud and industry more content.” Those words were spoken by Winston Churchill almost 90 years ago, but should serve as a mission statement for our financial industry and […]

David Davis says Britain needs to ‘get fracking’

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As in The Daily Mail; “Britain faces two colossal challenges. The first is how to get the economy growing. The Western world is fighting to return to growth levels we took for granted ten years ago. We face a future in a one per cent world. The second challenge is keeping the lights on. EU […]

David Davis – Don’t expect James Bond to act like Mother Teresa

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Printed in the Guardian on June 25th 2013; The claims that British intelligence agencies have handed over our personal data to the US for its Prism programme were shocking. However, I have been both amused and amazed at just how many people have approached me to say they cannot believe that my suspicions were correct. […]