David Davis writes for Conservative Home on the need to maintain spending on the armed forces

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As published on Conservativehome.com: David Davis MP: We must fund the Armed Forces Britain needs “Let him who desires peace prepare for war.” This motto is as true today as it was 15 centuries ago when it was coined by the Roman Vegetius. It was on this principle that the Prime Minister called on our […]

David Davis writes in the Guardian about the failings of the security services when investigating terrorism

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As published in The Guardian: If MI5 sticks to outdated tactics, Emwazi won’t be the last British security failure It is extraordinary that Mohammed Emwazi, a man as evil and delusional as it is possible to be – a man who so callously beheads innocents in pursuit of flawed beliefs – escaped the attentions of […]

David Davis writes for Conservative Home about reviving the Right to Buy

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As published on ConservativeHome.Com David Davis MP: How to revive the Right to Buy Iain Duncan-Smith’s proposal to gift tenants’ their council houses if they hold down a job for a year was described by housing associations as ‘bonkers’, dismissing it out of hand. I would not be so discourteous, but serious problems remain nonetheless. […]

David Davis writes in the Sunday Times about the need to publish the Chilcot Report

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As published in the Sunday Times: Forget Britain’s blushes. Give us the truth about Iraq The Iraq War claimed the lives of more than 100,000 soldiers and civilians. The country’s infrastructure was destroyed, huge amounts of the West’s political capital were spent and what is in effect a long-running civil war was precipitated. It was […]

David Davis writes about the UK’s complicity in the CIA torture programme for Conservative Home

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As published on ConservativeHome.com We have damaged our national interest by turning a blind eye to torture In March 2003 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the supposed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, was captured in Pakistan. Following his capture, he was waterboarded a horrifying 183 times over the next month, treatment described by internal CIA records as, […]