David Davis MP demands new legislation to end prosecutions of Army Veterans

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As published in The Sun: The power-sharing deal to restore the Northern ­Ireland Assembly for the first time in three years is almost entirely good news for the province. It comes with a generous £2billion package of subsidies. But in the middle of the deal is one element that has raised enormous concern. It is […]

David Davis MP: If the Government does not intervene on the Loan Charge, MPs will be forced to find a legislative route

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As published in Politics Home: The loan charge is a legislative, operational and communications failure on a grand scale by HMRC, writes David Davis MP. For months many thousands of people across the country will have been eagerly awaiting the publication of the independent review of the Loan Charge. But they will be bitterly disappointed […]

David Davis MP writes an article for The Sunday Times

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David Davis MP writes in The Sunday Times discussing why we should bring British children in Syria back to the UK. As published in The Sunday Times: Innocents abandoned today will become our foes tomorrow When the British charity worker arrived in the tent, the first child he saw was a boy of around four […]

David Davis MP: Loughinisland case proves the freedom of the press must be protected

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David Davis MP is a strong campaigner for protecting the freedom of the press. The Loughinisland case proves this. As published in PoliticsHome: Police conduct towards investigative journalists seeking to expose the truth of what happened at the Loughinisland massacare was heavy handed and unlawful; it is important that press freedoms are protected, writes David […]

David Davis MP writes for The Sunday Times on the need for a written UK constitution

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As published in The Sunday Times: Last month the Supreme Court surprised us all. There have been few statements in modern politics that have had the impact of the president of the Supreme Court’s, not least because of the dispassionate way in which Lady Hale put her decision. Yet while that decision was surprising and […]