David Davis writes for Conservative Home about the economic strategy for Brexit

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As published on ConservativeHome.com Trade deals. Tax cuts. And taking time before triggering Article 50. A Brexit economic strategy for Britain Economic growth in the UK has been founded on a number of unhealthy characteristics in the last decade or so. It has depended above all on large population increases based on uncontrolled mass migration. […]

David Davis writes about the Chilcot Report in the Mail on Sunday

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As published in the Mail on Sunday: Tony Blair did lie, whether he is put on trial is up to Chilcot, says MP David Davis Next week, after a disgraceful seven-year delay, the Iraq Inquiry will finally publish its long-awaited report.  With evidence from more than 100 witnesses and a cost exceeding £10 million, the […]

David Davis writes for the Telegraph on the British alternative to membership of the EU

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As published in The Telegraph: Britain is not like other countries – even the EU will be forced to treat us fairly The Remain campaign have long demanded that we who want to leave the EU set out an alternative to membership. “Do you want to be like Switzerland or Norway?” they ask, dripping mockery […]

David Davis is interviewed by the New Statesman

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As published on the New Statesman: David Davis interview: The next Conservative leader will be someone nobody expects “I’m tired,” says David Davis when I greet him. The former Conservative leadership candidate is running on three hours’ sleep after a Question Time appearance the night before. He is cheered, however, by the coverage of his […]

David Davis writes in the Times about the weaknesses of the EU Single Market

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As published in The Times: The single market only benefits big firms and lobbyists If the Common Market was good, the single market must be better, right? Wrong. It is the most misleading piece of conventional unwisdom in this EU debate. There is no doubt that entry into the Common Market was beneficial for Britain […]