David Davis MP writes in The Telegraph on how we can reset Brexit

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As published in The Daily Telegraph. The Prime Minister’s latest ploy of looking for more fudge with which to buy off the House of Commons will not work. Believe me, the standard Brussels playbook means that they will now play tough for at least the next month. So, this plan is ill-conceived and doomed to […]

David Davis MP urges Cabinet to think carefully before deciding whether to support the proposed Brexit deal

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As published on The Spectator: Let’s be clear. If the Cabinet supports the Prime Minister’s proposed deal today, and they somehow manage to whip Parliament into allowing it to proceed, then a whole raft of irreversible consequences will flow from it. This will begin the breakup of the United Kingdom, not just isolating Northern Ireland, […]

David Davis MP writes for The Telegraph on why the Government’s Brexit plan fails to deliver on the referendum result

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As published on The Telegraph: In a cunning plan of Blackadder proportions, the Government aims to offer Parliament a binary choice – accept a Chequers-based deal or exit without a deal. This is wholly disingenuous. Even Baldrick would have blushed at this false dichotomy. Let’s look at the facts. Chequers is an unsustainable zombie plan. […]

David Davis MP writes in The Sunday Times on how the Government must publish the Brexit legal advice.

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As published in The Sunday Times: Tony Blair got himself into a mess from which he never recovered concerning the legal advice he received about the Iraq War. His government refused to publish the advice in full until finally it leaked during the 2005 election campaign. When published, it revealed the doubts his attorney-general, Lord […]

David Davis MP writes for The Sunday Times on the need to change course in the Brexit negotiations

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As published in The Sunday Times: This is the moment of truth for the government’s Brexit negotiations. We are facing a historic decision: precisely what sort of agreement will govern our relationship with the European Union, and what will be our future as a free nation? As we approach the October meeting of the European […]