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David Davis writes for CapX on why we need a proper plan before taking on IS

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As published on CapX: “In 2012 the House of Commons voted down David Cameron’s attempt to bomb Assad’s forces in Syria. Fifty Conservative backbenchers either abstained or voted against the government in that defeat. They did not do so because they were pacifists. A disproportionate number of them were ex-military officers. The reason they voted […]

David Davis writes about the terrorist threat and open borders for the Evening Standard

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As published in the Evening Standard: After Paris it is clear we cannot have a Europe without borders The Schengen Agreement is over. The concept of free movement throughout Europe was already collapsing as waves of people fleeing the Syrian civil war overwhelmed the European Union’s border controls. It was put on life support when […]

David Davis comments on the suggestion that the Investigatory Powers Bill could be fast tracked

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The Prime Minister suggested during an interview on the Today Programme this morning that the Government would look at accelerating the passage of the Investigatory Powers Bill. The Home Secretary, Theresa May, did not confirm this position in the Commons during Home Office Questions, stating that, “it is right that [the Bill] gets proper scrutiny.” […]

David Davis is interviewed by the Guardian on Government surveillance proposals.

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As published in the Guardian G2 section: Tory rebel David Davis: ‘We haven’t had a Stasi or a Gestapo in Britain, so are intellectually lazy about surveillance’ David Davis looks tired and puffy-eyed. It’s the morning after Theresa May’s unveiling of the government’s flagship investigatory powers bill, and he has spent the night getting to […]

David Davis writes for the Financial Times about the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill

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As published in the Financial Times: UK government’s missed chance to fix broken surveillance system The UK security services have at last begun to put some effort into their PR. With the publication of the draft investigatory powers bill coinciding with the release of the latest Bond film, we have seen a concerted effort in the past […]

David Davis writes to the Times about the threat posed by terrorism

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As published in the Times: Public understanding of national security Sir, Your leading article (“Spooks Unspooked”, Oct 28) finished by observing that “only good intelligence” sits between us and more terrorist atrocities. While intelligence is important, I would suggest that a well thought-out foreign policy has at least as much of a role to play.