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David Davis MP writing in the Telegraph on how the UK can strengthen our negotiating position with the EU

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After the PM’s defeat we must now maximise the strength of our negotiating position: here’s how Now that the Prime Minister’s deal has been voted down in the House of Commons, as widely predicted, the previous statements from Downing Street that there is no alternative will be tested. After losing the vote by a huge […]

David Davis MP writes for The Telegraph on the need for no deal preparations

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As published in The Telegraph: By preparing for no deal properly, we will get the good Brexit democracy demands of us We are told that another decisive moment looms, in the form of the forthcoming Commons vote on the proposed Withdrawal Agreement. Of course, we have been here before. We have seen many supposedly decisive […]

David Davis MP writes in The Telegraph on the need to reform the broken student loans system

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Britain’s university system is broken and in need of radical reform The Office for National Statistics has put the Treasury in a difficult position. Earlier this week, it recommended that a large portion of unpaid student debt should be recorded on the Government’s books as current spending. Over the past couple of decades, we have persuaded whole […]

David Davis MP writes in The Telegraph on how we can reset Brexit

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As published in The Daily Telegraph. The Prime Minister’s latest ploy of looking for more fudge with which to buy off the House of Commons will not work. Believe me, the standard Brussels playbook means that they will now play tough for at least the next month. So, this plan is ill-conceived and doomed to […]

David Davis MP delivers the fifth annual Margaret Thatcher Centre Lecture

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I first met Margaret Thatcher when I was in my early 20s. She was Secretary of State for Education, and I was a Conservative student leader. They were very different times. The country was in a parlous state. At home industrial unrest was rife, and strikes were common. Economic growth was weak and inflation was […]

David Davis MP urges Cabinet to think carefully before deciding whether to support the proposed Brexit deal

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As published on The Spectator: Let’s be clear. If the Cabinet supports the Prime Minister’s proposed deal today, and they somehow manage to whip Parliament into allowing it to proceed, then a whole raft of irreversible consequences will flow from it. This will begin the breakup of the United Kingdom, not just isolating Northern Ireland, […]