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David Davis comments on new snooping powers proposed at Conservative Party Conference

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As published in The Financial Times: Extremist groups face TV and social media ban in UK Extremist preachers and far right groups will be banned from using television and social media to spread their ideology under a future Conservative government, according to plans announced by Theresa May on Tuesday. In a speech to the Conservative […]

David Davis comments on the modernisation of the Conservative Party and social mobility

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As posted on The New Statesman’s ‘The Staggers’ blog: Minority retort: the Tories are looking to a future without the Lib Dems Some Conservatives are nervous about what their party will look like beyond coalition with the Lib Dems. Both their and voters’ views jar with the PM’s insistence that he doesn’t want another coalition. […]

David Davis calls for a clearer Conservative stance on Europe

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As posted on the Total Politics blog: David Davis: Cameron must be clearer on Europe: Tory MP offers his former leadership rival some advice on tackling the UKIP threat David Davis has urged the prime minister to take a clearer stance on Europe in order to regain ground from UKIP. “If I were David Cameron […]

David Davis raises concerns about British strikes against ISIS and the challenges posed by UKIP

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As published in The Independent: The ‘Isis trap’: David Davis warns of risks in joining ‘limitless’ war and falling into Isis trap; Veteran Conservative reveals he came close to joining the six Tory MPs who voted against action Britain is in danger of committing itself to an “open-ended limitless war” in northern Iraq that is […]

David Davis comments on UK airstikes against ISIS

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As published in The Hull Daily Mail: David Davis warns air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq will mean Britain engaging in an ‘inefficient war’ East Yorkshire’s MPs have voted to support air strikes against militant extremists in Iraq. The Prime Minister recalled the Commons for an emergency debate seeking approval for military intervention against […]

David Davis writes in the Mail on Sunday about the modernisation of the Conservative Party

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As published in the Mail on Sunday: The threat from UKIP is no longer a laughing matter. Get serious, Dave… only lower taxes will win the Election As the Conservative Party conference opens today, all thoughts will be on how we can win the General Election next May. In the four Elections between 1979 and […]